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Extra Services

  1. Subject to the direction of the Council, the Manager shall assist and perform the following duties as extra duties to the standard duties and will be charged in accordance with the Schedule of Extra Fees*: Attendance at any Council Meeting or any Extraordinary General Meeting, which will include the taking of minutes, distribution of minutes within 7 days from the date of the meeting and advising the Council of Owners of work carried out in accordance with the instructions from the minutes by way of an 'action' letter within 28 days of the minutes.
  2. Initial data entry and archive research of new Strata Companies.
  3. Postage of bulk mail (e.g. memos, postal ballots etc). Note: levy notices, action letters, single correspondence is included in Management Fee.
  4. Making applications to Government authorities, attending any hearing conducted by a Court, Tribunal or other Government Authority.
  5. Attending conferences relating to legal proceedings.
  6. Any work required in relation to any legal or court proceedings relating to the building.
  7. Attendance on site with Council of Owners if requested.
  8. Any work required to be done in respect to developer/building defects (this is only applicable for new buildings under the WA statutory building warranty period).
  9. Arranging drafting of additional by-laws or amending existing by-laws for registration on Strata Plan.
  10. For any other duties not listed as Standard Duties.


* Extra charges apply