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What are Strata Schemes?


There are two types of Strata properties in WA, Strata Schemes and Survey-Strata Schemes:


Lots contained in a Strata Scheme are also known as “Strata plan or Building Strata”. Lots may be contained with a particular building (for lots zoned before 30 June 1985) or they may be contained both within a building and include land outside the building.


In 1995 the Act was further amended to allow more flexible plans called Survey-strata Scheme” In this arraignment Lots may have certain limits placed on height and can include common property which is separately identified as a Lot prefixed with the Letters “CP” For the most part the other features and obligations are common between the two types of Schemes.


There are benefits to developers as well as to owners of Strata property. Residential strata schemes provide for grouped housing with a community atmosphere. This combined with smaller areas, such as gardens to maintain, and the use of common facilities, such as gymnasiums, club houses and swimming pools, can make strata schemes attractive for many people. Strata schemes are also very practical for commercial and industrial estates and similar developments.