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What is a Strata Council of Owners?


All owners of Strata Titled Lots have certain rights and shared common obligations. For some Strata Schemes, quite often for larger properties, it may be preferred or impractical for each of the individual property owners to participate in the day to day management of a Strata Scheme. The Strata Titles Act therefore allows for the Strata Company to be run by a Council of Owners. The Council is then appointed to run the company in accordance with the conditions of the Strata Titles Act, the by-laws for the particular scheme covering the property and with any added restrictions or directions given by the Owners at a general meeting.


The Strata Council may also delegate some or all of its powers and duties to one or more of its members and they may also appoint a Strata Manager to assist with carrying out various duties and to provide professional strata management services to the Council.